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In today’s world, families flourish in a variety of dynamics. We recently spoke with Samantha Seco, happily married mom to two, and founder of Bolt Training in Florida City. Sam and her partner, Mercy, are raising Taylor (Mercy’s daughter from a previous relationship) and Myles, whom Samantha conceived through Artificial Insemination.

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How do you feel raising kids in these tumultuous times of racial and social adversity?

Raising a baby in this day and age is hard. Our kids are exposed to so much at such an early age and navigating through what we think is the right choice for our kids is tough. We do our best with the knowledge we have and are not afraid to admit we are wrong or have even made bad decisions. It is a never-ending learning process and we’re doing our best.

Are you concerned about or do you currently face discrimination because your baby has two moms?

I’m sure some people feel some certain type of way about my family dynamic. I simply don't surround myself with those types of people, so I don't really see it, nor do I care. My sole goal and purpose is to be a mother to my children and let them grow into the little humans they are. I am not influenced by outside opinions nor do I feel the need to explain myself to anyone. My life is between me and God.

What was it like for you deciding to become a mom?

I have absolutely always wanted to have a baby. When I first met Mercy, she was not wanting another child, so it was very important to communicate that I wanted to carry a baby. Her words were somewhere along the lines of “I would never rob you of that”. So here we are! That would have definitely been a deal breaker for me, but she was totally on board.

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Do you worry about not having a father figure in the picture?

I’m not worried about a father figure because quite frankly a lot of kids don't have fathers—some are abusive, others are absent and don't have relationships with their kids at all. I’m more concerned with who’s playing the parent role. However, I am very careful about the men our son will grow up around. I do think it is important to have great men around him.

What advantages do you feel your baby has in having two loving mothers?

I’m not sure if there’s an advantage or disadvantage. I just kind of see it as two parents—parenting.


Sam and Mercy have a beautiful and loving relationship, and are doing an amazing job raising their two kids. It’s not easy raising a child, period. But in today’s society, people have a lot of opinions, especially when it comes to two moms or two dads raising a child. As if the only dynamic that works is a mom and dad? The important thing isn’t if the child has two moms or two dads, but that they have loving and supporting parent(s), parenting.

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