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In today’s world, families flourish in a variety of dynamics. We recently spoke with Samantha Seco, happily married mom to two, and founder of Bolt Training in Florida City. Sam and her partner, Mercy, are raising Taylor (Mercy’s daughter from a previous relationship) and Myles, whom Samantha conceived through Artificial Insemination.

See what Sam had to say in our Q & A with her.

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Pink or The Blues?

I lay in bed next to my husband. Tears streamed quietly down my face, until choking them back became unbearable, and I began to sob.

Startled, he muted the game and turned to me. “Babe, what’s wrong?”

And I didn’t know until the words started coming out.

“I don’t know why I’m crying. I’m just so tired. I’m fat and feel ugly. We can’t have sex for 6 weeks, not that you’d want to anyways, I’m a cow. And my boobs are huge, but engorged, and I don’t know what to do with them. I’m just a factory, pumping all day, and bottling, and processing, and feeding the baby. And changing diapers, and rock-a-bye-baby, and bathing, and wiping, and zipping, unzipping, more wiping, and rocking, and Desitin I can never seem to get out of my nails. And then a knock at the door. And what ensues is worse than the loneliness I’ve felt despite being with this little person 24/7.


Definition of Fostering

Betty Carricaburu, Biological Mom to 1 beautiful little girl, Foster Mom to 1 lucky child at a time.... shares what it means to foster, and how it has affected her life.




"...It makes me so happy knowing there is a mini community of mommas at our fingertips..."


- Cecilia