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Crunching the Numbers

If you thought you were having trouble managing your finances BEFORE you had a child, boy (or girl) are you in for a surprise.

Babies are EXPENSIVE. Even before your child is born, the bills start coming in.

Am I scaring you future moms?

Not trying to, but it's important to know that babies aren't just born and that's it-another mouth to feed, no big deal.

Doctor's visits and midnight snacks aside, there's the bassinet and or crib for starters. Tack onto that the clothes and diapers (which they grow out of from suckle to suckle), bottles, pacifiers (which disappear mysteriously - unless you have a dog, then you know exactly where they went), bibs, blankets, formula (if you aren't or can't breastfeed), balm for this and that. The list seems to go on and on.

And there's always some innovation, or a new hype, to live up to.

But you can't pace yourself by the Kardashian's, in any respect (although I'm a fan). You have to find a balance, not just in the money aspect, but also practicality, and the time factor.

Check out these helpful posts we've put together to get you ready for baby, and what comes after.

Financial Avenues

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