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...From one mom to another, let the fact that you worry about the kind of mother you are assure you that you are the best kind. Keep reading, thinking, discussing, and worrying..each generation gets better, isn’t that the goal of every parent? To be better than their parents were. This must mean that our children will be great, because we turned out pretty well, don’t you agree?

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Yes, I'm a little, a LOT, late on this post.

And yes, you read right. New Year's Revolutions.

What started out as wrong word usage, actually became an idea for this post.

Instead of Resolving to do things, this year we should REVOLUTIONIZE the way we think!


▶verb change something greatly or completely.
– synonyms
transform, shake up, turn upside down, restructure, reorganize, transmute, metamorphose; humorous transmogrify.
Copyright © Oxford University Press 2003, 2009

Let’s Revolt and do things that actually change our lives! ...


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